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Feb 04, 2018 Brian McCutchen Living the Jesus Life WMA MP3 Video Video has only audio
Jan 28, 2018 Charlie Ontiveros Building Gods Family 2018 WMA MP3 Video
Jan 21, 2018 Lee Lewis A Fathers Role WMA MP3 Video Video has audio issues
Jan 14, 2018 Lee Lewis The Role of Marraige WMA MP3 Video
Jan 7, 2018 Lee Lewis The Foundation WMA MP3 Video
Dec 31, 2017 Lee Lewis The Hope of a Disciple WMA MP3 Video
Dec 24, 2017 Lee Lewis Why Jesus Came WMA MP3 Video
Dec 17, 2017 Roman McCutchen Uncomfortable WMA MP3 NA
Dec 10, 2017 Lee Lewis God Hears, God Answers WMA MP3 NA
Dec 3, 2017 Lee Lewis The God for Everyone WMA MP3 Video
Nov 26, 2017 Lee Lewis God Is Not Racist WMA MP3 Video
Nov 19, 2017 Lee Lewis Saul: A Conversion Experience WMA MP3 Video
Nov 12, 2017 Lee Lewis Sharing the Good News WMA MP3 Video
Nov 05, 2017 Lee Lewis the Point of Giving WMA MP3 Video
Oct 22, 2017 Grant Kniffen Sunday Service WMA MP3 Video
Oct 15, 2017 Lee Lewis Success Despite Resistance WMA MP3 Video
Oct 08, 2017 Lee Lewis Preaching 101 WMA MP3 Video
Oct 01, 2017 Lee Lewis Get Ready WMA MP3 Video
Sept 24, 2017 Lee Lewis Building the Community WMA MP3 Video
Sept 17, 2017 Lee Lewis The Promise Delivered WMA MP3 Video
Sept 10, 2017 Charlie O. & Lee L. Missions Report WMA MP3 Video
Sept 3, 2017 Lee Lewis The Beginning WMA MP3 Video
Aug 27, 2017 Lee Lewis Aspects of the Cross WMA MP3 Video
Aug 20, 2017 Lee Lewis Trials & Tribulations WMA MP3 Video
Aug 13, 2017 Roman McCutchen Loser WMA MP3 Video Audio Only
Aug 6, 2017 Lee Lewis Truth: The Best Response WMA MP3 Video
July 30, 2017 Lee Lewis Proper Motives WMA MP3 Video
July 23, 2017 Lee Lewis Take Him at His Word WMA MP3 Video
July 16, 2017 Roman McCutchen In The Moment WMA MP3 Video
July 9, 2017 Lee Lewis The Good Shepherd WMA MP3 Video Video has no audio.
July 2, 2017 Lee Lewis Do What He Says WMA MP3 Video Video has erros.
June 25, 2017 Lee Lewis Judging Correctly WMA MP3 Video
June 18, 2017 Rudy Prowl Renewing Our Strength by Keeping the Faith of the Heavenly Father WMA MP3 No Video
June 11, 2017 Lee Lewis Forgiving Little, Loving Little WMA MP3 Video
June 4, 2017 Lee Lewis Rejecting The Counsel of God WMA MP3 Video
May 28, 2017 Chris Hughes Planting Shade Trees WMA MP3 Video
May 21, 2017 Lee Lewis Seeking the Lost WMA MP3 Video
May 14, 2017 Lee Lewis Do You Want to Be Healed? WMA MP3 Video
May 7, 2017 Lee Lewis First Things First WMA MP3 Video
April 30, 2017 Lee Lewis To Whom Shall We Go? WMA MP3 Video
April 23, 2017 Lee Lewis Watch Your Mouth WMA MP3 Video
April 16, 2017 Lee Lewis Resurrection. Now What? WMA MP3 Video
April 9, 2017 Devin Swindle Reckless or Rotten? WMA MP3 Video
April 2, 2017 Lee Lewis Take Up Your Cross WMA MP3 Video
Mar 26, 2017 Lee Lewis Can You See Clearly? WMA MP3 Video
Mar 19, 2017 Lee Lewis Location, Location, Decision WMA MP3
Mar 12, 2017 Steve Awtrey CFS Update CFS Update - No Recording
Mar 5, 2017 Matthew Stidham Earthly, Heavently & the Difference WMA MP3
Feb 26, 2017 Luke Beard Distractions WMA MP3
Feb 19, 2017 Lee Lewis Why He Came WMA MP3
Feb 12, 2017 Matthew Stidham Lost and Found WMA MP3
Feb 5, 2017 Lee Lewis Do You Need a Doctor? WMA MP3
Jan 29, 2017 Lee Lewis Clean. Inside and Out WMA MP3
Jan 22, 2017 Lee Lewis Love Your Enemies WMA MP3
Jan 15, 2017 Lee Lewis Follow the Instructions WMA MP3
Jan 8, 2017 Lee Lewis The Paradigm Shift WMA MP3
Jan 1, 2017 Lee Lewis Pursuing Descipleship WMA MP3

Church Growth Seminar

 O'Fallon Church of Christ hosted a speaker, Ben Merold, to speak on the topic of Church Growth.
 The recording is in two parts. Just a couple minutes of part one was missed due to technical
 difficulties but not much was missed.

 Church Growth Seminar given at O'Fallon Church of Christ.

Ben Merold - Church Growth Video Recording

Ben Merold - Church Growth Video Link  *The file is large please be patient when downloading.

Ben Merold - Church Growth Audio Recordings



WMA Link

MP3 Link


Oct 18, 2014 Ben Merold Church Growth - Part 1 of 2 Church Growth - Part 1 of 2
Oct 18, 2014 Ben Merold Church Growth - Part 2 of 2 Church Growth - Part 2 of 2